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Black Horse Extra appeared as a quarterly online magazine for six years from March 2006. It promoted the western genre and the work of authors published by Robert Hale Ltd in the Black Horse Western series of hardback novels sold mainly to the UK public lending libraries. Today, most of the active authors run personal blogs and websites. Links to some can be found lower in the column to the right, while past editions of Black Horse Extra can be accessed using the links to the left.

Lately, the number of hardback books published monthly has been reduced and readers have been offered more modestly priced ebooks online. BHW titles are now widely available in digital format from Robert Hale and several other companies, including Piccadilly Publishing, Western Trail Blazer, Western Fictioneers Library, and Black Horse Extra Books. Excerpts can be read (and the books conveniently downloaded) at Amazon and other ebook retailers.

"I am a big fan of the Black Horse Westerns line and have read two of your [Chap O'Keefe] books on Kindle.  They were excellent!  I'm looking forward to reading more of your work."
Austin Kaiser, PhD, Department of History, University of Oregon

In Denver, a shotgun blast brutally ends a man’s life and sets in motion a deadly chain of events that threatens Joshua Dillard, drifting detective and former Pinkerton agent. Hired by a beautiful woman to untangle the mystery of her brother’s murder and bring the killer to justice, Joshua’s investigation takes him to the raw and dangerous mining town of Silverville, where he finds a web of deception, greed, lust, and violence. Aided only by an eccentric hermit, Joshua will need all his cunning and gun-skill to avoid being blasted to oblivion himself!

Inspired by the classic Sherlock Holmes novel The Valley of Fear, veteran Western author Chap O’Keefe spins another exciting tale filled with action and plot twists galore.

“Mr O’Keefe has reworked the plot of a Sherlock Holmes story as an exploit of his ex-Pinkerton protagonist Joshua Dillard. The result is clever, atmospheric and exciting.”  The Sherlock Holmes Society of London

The story opens with an epigraph from The Valley of Fear, and with good reason: the book is a western, with plenty of color and atmosphere and violence, and a mystery that will not be a surprise to those who have read and remember Conan Doyle’s story.” – Peter E. Blau, the Baker Street Irregulars, New York

A Kindle ebook available from Amazon HERE

A band of Apache bucks led by a charismatic hothead abandons reservation life to go on a bloody rampage. In pursuit with Lieutenant Michael Covington’s cavalry detail is civilian scout Jackson Farraday. But a showdown looms between the pair when Jackson is misled by Lilian Goodnight, a harum-scarum youngster who boasts the handle “Misfit Lil, Princess of Pistoleers.” After a clash with the Apaches and the slaughter of an Army paymaster and his escort, Jackson is fired. But his troubles are only just beginning when he’s framed for murder by crooked Sheriff “Wheezer” Skene. Can Misfit Lil make amends by saving her reluctant hero?

BONUS FEATURE: Heroines of the Wilder West

“A fast-paced book that relates the adventures of independent-minded, tough cowgirl Lilian Goodnight. Lil is a fine horsewoman, expert at roping calves and driving cows and is an excellent shot with a pistol, too. Apparently, she can also out-cuss her father’s ranch-hands.... Most enjoyable and recommended.”
 – Nik Morton, author of Write a Western in 30 Days

A Kindle ebook available from Amazon HERE

Drift Garrity followed a grueling cowboy life. Working the grub line, poorly fed and without prospects, he determined to unravel the mysteries of the deprived past that had made him what he was. His objective brought him within a trigger-squeeze of death from Mad Dungaree Dan, a reclusive ex-miner who lived in a mountain ghost town where he kept captive his two beautiful daughters, Melissa and Isabella. Also to be tackled was Zack Emmett, vicious range boss and one-time gunfighter. The trail would lead Drift to dirty tricks, accusations, and finally to deadly gunplay amongst the ghost town ruins.

“Highly recommended as an old-fashioned western thriller for fans everywhere.” – Midwest Book Review

A Kindle ebook available from Amazon HERE

"One of my favorite characters in current Western fiction, Chap O'Keefe's freelance range detective Joshua Dillard, returns in a novel originally published by Robert Hale in 2005. It's now available in an inexpensive ebook edition and is well worth reading.

"This novel delves into Joshua's past, flashing back to his days as a Pinkerton operative when he was sent to a mining boom-town in Montana to corral a gang of outlaws operating in the area. While he's tackling that job, he gets mixed up in the schemes of a beautiful saloon entertainer and is unable to prevent a deadly saloon robbery. The loot vanishes, and so does the songbird.

"Years later, after personal tragedy has led him to quit the Pinkertons and embark on a hardscrabble life as a drifting troubleshooter, Joshua returns to that same Montana town, which is still plagued with lawlessness. This time he's hired as the local marshal, and a daring stagecoach robbery is the first act in a chain of events that might give Joshua a chance to redeem himself for his earlier failure—if he can survive a hail of outlaw lead.

"As usual, Chap O'Keefe (who is really Keith Chapman) throws in some nice plot twists and packs the yarn he's spinning with plenty of gritty action. The pace never falters, and The Lawman and the Songbird delivers top-notch Western entertainment. Highly recommended, as are all of Keith's books."  James Reasoner at Rough Edges

"Can't go wrong with Keith. Glad to hear this is out in ebook form."  David Cranmer
"Cool. Gonna go have a look at this." Charles Gramlich

"I think I’m right in saying this is the fifth book in Chap O’Keefe’s nine-book series about Joshua Dillard, but you don’t have to have read any of the previous tales to fully enjoy this one. In this story Dillard has more than met his match in Kate Thompson, who makes for a very strong female lead character who seems to be one step ahead of everyone else. Having said that the robbery she masterminds doesn’t quite go according to plan and the chase is on.

"Chap O’Keefe once more presents the reader with a fast- paced book filled with action and a twisting storyline. Never was it obvious how this tale would end and the conclusion does come as a fitting surprise. As with all of Chap O’Keefe’s books I’ve read this one left me eager for more. If you’ve not read one of his books yet, then may I suggest this as an excellent introduction to his extremely readable writing.  Steve M at Western Fiction Review

A Kindle ebook available from Amazon HERE


"Jim Hunter and Matt Harrison are best friends and the owners of the once-thriving Double H ranch in Trinity Creek, Texas. Their cowpunchers have heeded the call of the Civil War and now they are trying to keep the enterprise afloat in lean times. It does not help that the Double H’s cattle is a frequent target for rustlers and that the sole remaining member of their crew is disabled Mexican-American War veteran Walter Burridge.

"When the raiders take their pillaging a step further and burn the ranch to the ground, killing Old Walt in the process, the partners have no option but to leave the area and look for a job in the nearby port city of Brownsville. Matt and Jim soon realize that the war has also exerted its toll on the once-busy border town as work is hard to come by. Matt, a Union sympathizer, joins the Northern Army while the pro-Confederacy Jim chooses to stick around. He soon hooks up with the sensuous Lena-Marie Baptiste and her brother Raoul whom, among other business ventures, smuggle guns for the southern forces.

"Peace at Any Price by Chap O'Keefe is the quintessential action-packed Western .... Sparsely written and at times frantically-paced, it introduces the characters with a few broad strokes and then wastes no time in pitting them against all sorts of challenges. Jim returns from the war but the Double H and Trinity Creek no longer feel like home, not in the least because his former darling Alice Cornhill has married someone else in the interim. Fate leads him right back to the Baptistes, their dubious business concerns and a face-to-face encounter with the ruthless Woodson Waldrop, the man he suspects burnt down the Double H.

"In this age of bloated techno-thrillers and three-page chapters designed not to upset MTV-addled attention spans, Peace at Any Price is a refreshing story that delivers genuine, non-stop entertainment ... highly recommended."
  Saddlebums Western Review

A Kindle ebook available from Amazon HERE

OR depending on country of residence and other factors, the Smashwords edition HERE may be a preferable option. Available formats: epub, mobi (Kindle), pdf, rtf, lrf, pdb, txt

San Francisco  was hot. Too hot for troubleshooter Joshua Dillard after a vice lord drew a gun on him in a ritzy Russian Hill parlor house and he was obliged to blast him down with his Peacemaker. So Joshua brought forward a railroad trip to the wilds of Colorado where he had a job lined up for him by a mysterious Leigh Jordan, of New York City. In Colorado he was soon embroiled in more bloody mayhem, this time with hostile  attorney Walt Sloane and his thugs. Enter a femme fatale needing his unorthodox services, take a ride into the rugged foothills of the Rocky Mountains, and Joshua was soon neck-deep in deception, deviancy, and murderous gunfire. The facts that emerged concerning an abusive father, his adopted daughter, and a contestable Manhattan inheritance fell into place to tell an ugly story...

"Western gold. The Archive urges readers to support the creative community by paying the meagre price for the book ... we can guarantee you a damn good read. O'Keefe is a master of the genre." – Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin at the Tainted Archive

"Joshua has to put it all together, survive several murder attempts, and help a young woman stuck in the middle. As always, author Chap O'Keefe gives us a fast-moving western tale and a satisfying read." – Randy Johnson at Not the Baseball Pitcher

A Kindle eBook available from Amazon HERE.

Where was Emily Greatheart? The pretty young lady from Denver had gone to Arizona to meet her dead fiancé's mother and vanished. Only a bloodstained jacket was found in an abandoned spring buggy hired from the Pike's Crossing livery stable. Emily was the daughter of Big Jack Greatheart, ex-marshal and one-time tamer of brawling boom-towns. But Big Jack lay in his bed in Colorado, frustratingly crippled by arthritis and a skeleton of his former self. So he called on ex-Pinkerton detective Joshua Dillard. Joshua followed a cold trail and hot impulses into battle against ambitious cattleman Bart Waller and his gun-handy, womanizing son, Vincent. No wonder he was soon up to his reckless neck in two-fisted, lead-slinging trouble!

As usual, Chap O'Keefe (who's really veteran author and editor Keith Chapman, as most of you already know) spins this tale in terse, no-nonsense prose and skillfully throws in enough plot twists to keep things racing along to a powerful climax. Joshua Dillard is a fine character, a dogged investigator who's plenty tough when he needs to be, and his own tragic background adds a touch of poignancy to his adventures. I've probably said this before, but fifty years ago these books would have made good Gold Medal paperbacks or Double D hardbacks. James Reasoner

I always enjoy a skillfully written cross-genre novel. Chap O'Keefe's Sons and Gunslicks is a Western/Mystery that manages to hit the right notes in both genres.... Dillard himself is a great character, almost a frontier Mike Hammer, who doesn't take crap off anyone and isn't above beating up thugs for information when ratiocination fails. He's also a standup guy who's looking out for those who can't look after themselves, the classic tough/tender sleuth in a Stetson and duster. – Charles Rutledge

A Kindle eBook available from Amazon  HERE.

Paid to mind other folks’ business, Joshua Dillard did it with a .45 Colt Peacemaker. But he also had a mission of his own, and when Butch Simich and his bunch stuck up the stage from Tucson he swung into vengeful action. Stirring it along came Dorothy-May Pennydale, spirited daughter of a whiskey-soaked way station boss. And in the thick of it from the start was Clement P. Conway from New York City, hack writer of dime novels – a greenhorn with guts plunging out of his depth. The fight led into treacherous territory, up against rogue marshal Virgil Lyons and saloonkeeper Dice Sanders, whose greed for women and money produced mayhem ... and the most violent gun battle the one-horse town of Hellyer’s Creek had ever seen!

Chap O’Keefe has assembled a terrific set of characters for this Joshua Dillard novel that begins with a stagecoach robbery and then never lets up with action until the end ... Dillard isn’t above making mistakes, and after being captured by the stage robbers he’s left in a 'how’s he going to get out of this situation?' that will keep any reader turning the pages to discover the answer. Shootout at Hellyer’s Creek should appeal to all those who enjoy traditional westerns filled with non-stop action, and at just under $3.00 / £2.00 how can you afford not to give this a try? Steve M at Western Fiction Review

A Kindle eBook available from Amazon HERE.

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